Enjoy the finest synthetic putting greens on the market today endorsed by one of the best golf companies in the world!

Utilizing our proprietary PAR (Pure Absolute Roll) turf, Northeast Ohio Putting Greens (NEOPG) can design and install residential and commercial greens that are both visually stunning, and functionally excellent.

From small backyard greens, to 2000 sq. ft. practice greens with custom breaks and chipping areas, to indoor putting greens, NEOPG can design and install a truly unique experience for all levels of golfers.

Our unique tee line product (non-sand filled) provides the feel of hitting off a real fairway, and can be used as a single mat at home or on the range. The fibers are so dense, they even hold a real tee upright, and allow a solid hit down into the turf.

To experience a custom designed indoor green, please visit Bob & Pete’s Floors or call to make an appointment to see a model outdoor green.

  • Custom outdoor and indoor greens for year-round enjoyment.
  • Portable indoor greens – any size, any shape
  • Greens and tee boxes for golf courses
  • Synthetic lawns and playgrounds – never mow again!