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Our Love Your Pets sale is underway, but what if you already have flooring that has been stained by pets?

Unfortunately, the odor of cat urine is especially potent – and cats are some of the worst offenders. If they are not taught to use a litter box from a young age, cats (especially males) have a habit of marking their territory.

Thankfully, removing their particularly pungent mess doesn’t have to be as difficult it’s often made out to be. In fact, with the right cleaning solution, wipe and planning, getting cat urine out of carpet should only take a few minutes.

Time is Key

As with most spills and accidents, it’s important to begin cleaning as soon as possible. The longer urine is allowed to sit, the more it can soak and dry into your carpet. Also, since cats have a tendency to return to previous spots, waiting to clean a soiled area could mean allowing urine to soak through to the subfloor. Also, the odor tends to intensify, rather than fade, over time. You may not always be able to get to it right away, but it shouldn’t be put off longer than necessary.

White Vinegar is Essential

If you have cats with a knack for ignoring the litter box, white vinegar and baking soda are pretty much essential household items. While vinegar does have an odor of its own, one part of it blended with one part of water will help break down the urine’s compounds – and, unlike the urine smell, vinegar’s odor will fade after a relatively short time.

To expedite the fading smell, you can also cover the area with baking soda (after it dries) and vacuum it shortly after.

Alternatively, many pet stores carry specific enzyme-based cleaners engineered to break down cat urine and remove its odor. Obviously, these cleaners are not common household items like vinegar and baking soda, and they often cost a little more. But with repeat offenders (especially if there is more than one in the home), they might be worth the investment.

Choosing Pet-Friendly Carpet

If your old carpet has been soiled seemingly beyond repair, you may want to consider a pet-friendly option to replace it. While carpet has earned a reputation for being easy to stain and difficult to clean, modern selections are overcoming these challenges. In fact, we offer an entire Pet Protect destination comprised exclusively of carpet that is designed to repel moisture, resist stains and facilitate easy cleaning. Many of these carpet lines are also completely waterproof.

Getting Your Cat Back In The Litter Box

Of course, proper cleaning is only a temporary solution; ultimately, felines need to become accustomed to using their litter box again. Contrary to popular belief, cats don’t urinate outside of the litter box to “get back at” their owners for some unknown offense. Often, repeat offenses can indicate a variety of medical problems. If it turns out to be a behavioral, rather than medical, problem, it’s usually beneficial to invest in multiple litter boxes.

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Every home, family and pet is different. If your situation seems like an impossible one, stop by Bob and Pete’s Floors today! You’ll find Canton’s leading flooring experts ready to help you make an informed choice.