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Carpet remnants are a great way to enjoy deep discounts on new, trendy carpet. They are especially useful for small areas, although they can sometimes cover a room. Here, we’ll briefly discuss a few tips to saving more money with carpet remnants.

Why do Carpet Remnants Cost Less?

Occasionally, we’ll have a little overstock after cutting a roll of carpet. This usually isn’t enough to cover an average-size room, so we’ll discount the price.

Sometimes, carpet mills also distribute remnants at deep discounts. When this happens, we get more variety in terms of style and features. Mills also offer more size options, sometimes large enough to fill a room.

There is one other reason to consider. Typically, carpet remnants are sold as-is and do not include a warranty. For some uses, this may not be a problem. But if you are covering a room or high traffic area, we may need to discuss your options first.

Best Uses for Carpet Remnants

If your carpet was partially damaged and you don’t yet have the budget to replace it, remnants are an affordable temporary solution. In fact, if you can find a matching remnant, it may even be a permanent solution. It’ll just take a little extra work (or a rug) to make the remnant seamless with your existing carpet.

If you plan to carpet smaller areas, such as closets, remnants really are the best solution. Obviously, closets don’t get much foot traffic, so the potential lack of a warranty really isn’t an issue. If you own rental properties (including homes and apartments), or otherwise plan to change the carpeting frequently, remnants will help save more money on your investments in the long run.

Area Rugs

Carpet remnants can also be used to craft custom rugs. This is especially useful if the rug is built from a high-performance (and more expensive) carpet, such as Stainmaster or Anso Nylon. That way, you can protect vulnerable areas of a room (such as around the sofa) from stains without covering the entire room. We can make custom rugs in-store from our remnants or any other carpet selection.

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