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Hardwood flooring trends are taking a unique twist in 2021: traditional and contemporary, extreme darks and lights, minimalist and grainy. It seems to be the year of the opposites! In this post, we’ll discuss each of the top hardwood flooring trends taking 2021 by storm.

Back to Nature

Natural hardwood in a bedroom

Hardwood has always been a popular choice. However, we’re seeing even more demand for it as natural aesthetics become a driving trend in 2021. Since so many homeowners spent 2020 locked in their homes, they’re looking for new ways to bring the beauty of the outdoors indoors.

Extreme Lights & Darks

Side angled hardwood panels in a bedroom

2021 seems to be about the extremes, whether light or dark. Both vibrant blonds/whites and deep browns/blacks are trending. The darker colors are proving especially popular in the northern part of the US. It fits well with rustic styles and is compatible with the growing farmhouse look. Brighter tones are proving popular in coastal regions as they are known to have a calming affect.

The colors in between are quickly fading out. We’re especially seeing a drop in the popularity of red hues in wood planks.

Rustic vs. Contemporary

Rustic hardwood flooring in a modern living room

Again, we see opposites converge as both rustic farmhouse and modern, sleep designs take the spotlight. These seemingly opposing styles are not always contradictory; in fact, they often compliment each other well.

Minimalist Hardwood Flooring

Minimalist hardwood flooring in a living room

While the added aesthetics of rustic hardwood designs are trending in 2021, so are minimalist designs. Planks that focus less on the wood’s features and more on a uniform design are playing to the larger minimalist trend in society. This doesn’t necessarily mean the complete removal of natural aesthetics (although it can), just a greater focus on the flooring as a whole rather than individual planks.

Waterproof Hardwood

Waterproof hardwood flooring in a kitchen

Another trend is taking off beyond style and design: waterproof hardwood flooring. While hardwood floors look great, they’re often limited to low-moisture areas. In other words, they aren’t suitable for kitchens, bathrooms, and basements.

The advent of engineered planks is changing this. Eminence, one of our premier engineered hardwood floors, features a completely waterproof design. It can easily handle moisture and spills, even if they aren’t cleaned right away.

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Regardless of the latest trends, hardwood floors will always be a popular choice. If you’re ready to find the right floor for your home, visit Canton’s top flooring experts at Bob & Pete’s today!