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2020 isn’t just the start of a new year, but also of a new decade. This year’s trends will set the foundations for the next iteration of the 20s, and it’s already off to a great start. Here, we’ll briefly look at the latest trends that are setting the stage for the new decade.


Affirmation antimicrobial carpet in a living room

Carpet floors are finally set to lose the stigmas that have been holding them back for years. New trends in carpet include innovations in both style and performance. Here are a few.

Carpet Patterns

Innovative design methods are making more carpet styles possible than ever. Geometric shapes have always been a favorite, but we’re also seeing floral and artisan patterns gaining favor.

Artisan Styles

Some modern looks still include a traditional influence. The artisan touch never really lost favor, and it seems to be gaining steam in 2020. Who knew that carpet could reflect a rustic aesthetic? Jaunty, Effervescent, and Affirmation are a few of our most popular examples.

Waterproof and Antimicrobial

Carpet has lost favor among many due to its ease of staining and difficulty of cleaning. Unfortunately, this is actually an outdated view of carpet. Many of the carpet lines we carry feature waterproof fibers and a completely waterproof backing – so spills never stain or seep through, even if they aren’t cleaned right away.

Some of our carpet takes this even further. The Microban antimicrobial technology is designed to turn carpet fibers into hostile environments for bacteria, mold, and mildew. While these carpet floors still need to be cleaned, they will remain fresher between cleanings. You’ll find several Microban options in our Style & Design Destination.

Hardwood Floors

Brush Stroked Oak Greige engineered hardwoood flooring in a living room

While hardwood flooring remains a timeless classic, it has a few stigmas of its own. Fortunately, the industry offer a few trendy innovations of its own to overcome these shortcomings. It’s also offering more style options than ever.

Engineered Hardwood Floors

Historically, solid hardwood floors haven’t handled humidity and temperature changes very well. If specific levels aren’t maintained, they were known to warp, buckle, and crack. Engineered wood panels are changing this. They feature a layered design built to overcome these challenges while providing exceptional stability.


The uniqueness of grey wood aesthetics proved popular for some time, but that trend is beginning to fade. We’re also seeing extremely dark colors, which were trending well last year, lose favor. Insight, bright, inviting colors with natural wood tones are quickly gaining steam. These colors give the appearance of more space and set a nice foundation for decor of any style.

Of course, grey hasn’t completely lost favor. “Greige” floors (such as our Brush Stroked Oak line) are gaining popularity as well. This unique blend of grey and beige offers brighter colors while still maintaining the uniqueness of grey wood.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Aspire wood-look LVP flooring in a kitchen

Luxury vinyl tile (LVT, designed to resemble stone) and luxury vinyl plank (LVP, designed to resemble hardwood) have been gaining popularity for years, but newer innovations are set to increase this popularity throughout the 2020s. If you’re considering a flooring option that offers the best of all worlds, it really is difficult to beat luxury vinyl. After all, its planks or tiles are completely waterproof and often feature an installation process that prevents spills from seeping into the subfloor. Newer LVF floors can also be designed to match the aesthetic and texture of their natural counterparts with near perfection. In fact, they can even offer enhanced styles that simply aren’t possible with natural wood or stone.

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