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Vacuums seems simple enough on the surface. We tend to just search for one with enough extensions and cord length to get the job done. However, modern vacuums have a variety of features that really do merit a closer look. We’ll explore a few of the most important ones here.

HEPA Filters

This is probably one of the most important features overlooked by consumers. Most vacuums include details about how well its filter cleans the air, but only HEPA filters capture particles as tiny as small microns. This includes the smallest of viruses and those pieces of dirt that tend to accumulate over time. Fortunately, most of the vacuums we carry include HEPA filters.

Bag or Bagless?

Bagless vacuum cleaners typically hold dirt in a clear chamber, making it easy to tell when they’re full. And, of course, they contain one less part that must be replaced regularly. So why not just choose a bagless vacuum to begin with?

When bagless vacuums are opened, it’s almost certain to release some of its dirt back into the air. Granted, how detrimental this actually is depends on the sensitivity of the person emptying the vacuum. If the bin includes allergens or virus particles, it could be the cause of an otherwise mysterious flareup. If the home is deep cleaned over the course of a day, it could also cause many allergens to be released back into the air.

Of course, if the vacuum is emptied outside, this becomes much less of a concern. It could make more financial sense to choose a bagless vacuum. Just confirm whether its HEPA filter must be washed or replaced and how often.

Beater Brushes: Should You Use Them?

Beater brushes essentially help vacuums “scrub” carpet, allowing them to remove even more dirt and dander. However, if you use your vacuum to clean hard surface flooring, it may be best to remove it first. This is especially true for porous flooring (such as tile & stone), where pores can collect dirt and dander, preventing them from washing away with a mop. Suction proves especially useful here, but the bristles of a beater brush can scratch the surface of tile & stone.

Height Adjustment

Speaking of hard surface flooring, if you use the same vacuum to clean it and carpet, it’s important for your vacuum to include height adjustment. After all, it’s beneficial to get a little closer to hard surface flooring (especially if it’s porous), but the varying thickness of carpets requires a little more length. Many vacuums (such as our Mighty Maid), include labeled height lengths for each type of flooring.

Retractable Cords

One of the worst parts about vacuuming isn’t the task itself, but trying to neatly roll the cord after. Retractable cords are becoming a popular alternative for this reason. While they may be convenient, they aren’t always the best choice.

Retractable cords tend to be shorter than conventional ones. Also, if something happens and the cord becomes caught, what was meant to be a quick daily task becomes a headache as you attempt to untangle a cord that you can’t reach or see.

If you do use a retractable cord, please remember to unplug it from the outlet first. This prevents damage to both the plug and the cord itself. It also allows you to guide the cord in, preventing it from tangling. And finally, you don’t risk hitting any excited kids or pets nearby. Sadly, we’re speaking from experience; our customers have seen it all.

Learn More

To learn more about the many features of modern vacuums, or to get expert advice about the best choice for your home, visit Bob & Pete’s Floors in Canton today! We now have an entire section of our showroom dedicated to state-of-the-art vacuum cleaners available in all price ranges.